Changing / Editing Thermal Trip Points Linux


Posted on 22nd October 2009 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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We ran into a server that had a glitch in acpi that caused the server to think it was over heating and it would shut itself down.

We had to edit this file /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/trip_points using this command:

echo -n “#:#:#:#” > /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/trip_points

…where # is the number of degrees in Celsius at which the following acpi thermal states will be implemented: critical, hot, passive, active

So 100:90:30:70 means the computer will go into passive cooling mode at 30 degrees, active cooling mode at 70 degress, hot cooling mode (suspend) at 90 degrees and critical cooling mode (shut down) at 100 degrees. Please keep your passive cooling mode below your active cooling modes, and remember that the active mode comes after the passive mode in this sequence #:#:#:#…

NOTE: when the computer reboots it may default back to the old trip_points. To fix this you can add the echo command at the bottom of rc.sysinit in /etc.

ATK0110 ACPI – NVidia NForce


Posted on 19th November 2008 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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Ran across unknown device with ASUS P5N73-AM.

Upon examining the devices hardware ID i found


Downloaded the driver below to fix it…