Antivirus 2010


Posted on 23rd March 2010 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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If you’ve recently started getting windows popping up on your computer telling you that you are infected with a virus, chances are you’re seeing what’s known as ransom ware. The most common one of these we see is called Antivirus 2010. Next year, they’ll be calling it Antivirus 2011, and last year it was Antivirus 2009. Removal of this virus / ransomware can be very tricky. Often times if you don’t already have the tools needed to fix it, you won’t be able to download them. That’s where BentleyPC fits into the picture. We’ve got all the tools needed to remove this pesky program on hand at all times. In most cases, we can remove any virus you have within a couple of hours. Some times it takes longer depending on the infection, and type of virus(es) you have. Either way, we fix 99% of all the infected computers we see WITHOUT erasing all your files and data. Sure we can wipe your computer clean and reinstall windows, but that can cost you more in the long run.

So, if you’ve got ransom ware, viruses, worms, trojans, etc. You’re best bet is to call BentleyPC and schedule an appointment today. Never use your computer once it has become infected. You could be giving criminals access to everything you do including passwords to your bank account, etc. Waiting to have a virus fixed can cost you your identity. We never try to encourage the use of credit cards, but if you’re infected and that is your only option, we can accept payments by credit card just as easily as we can take cash or check. Even if we have to bill you later; just let us know what we’ve got to do to help you.

Atlanta Computer Repair


Posted on 15th February 2010 by Mike in Acworth Computer Repair |Alpharetta Computer Repair |Atlanta Computer Repair |Decatur Computer Repair |Marietta Computer Repair |Sandy Springs Computer Repair |Stone Mountain Computer Repair

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If you’re looking for computer repair in Atlanta, look no further. BentleyPC offers same day expert service in Atlanta GA. We come to you at your convenience. Call us at 404 – 702 – 2865 today or visit and schedule your repair today. While you’re at feel free to look around at the other services we offer.

We offer the following services in Atlanta, GA:

Computer Repair (Atlanta):
* Computer Diagnostics, Laptop Diagnostics
* Computer Network Installation, Laptop Network Installation
* Computer Repair (Servers Incl.), Laptop Repair (Tablets & Software Incl.)
* Computer Part Repair, Laptop Part Repair (AC/DC/Power Jacks, LCDs, Hardware)
* Computer Sales & Customization, Laptop Sales & Customization
* Computer Upgrades, Laptop Upgrades
* Malware, Spyware, Trojan & Virus Removal

Computer Networks (Atlanta):
* Network Installation & Repair
* Network Device Setup & Repair (Printers, Routers, Switches, etc.)
* Network Firewall & Anti-Intrusion
* Network Expansion and Wide Area Network Setups
* Network Services Setup & Repair (Phone Systems / VoIP, VLAN, etc.)
* Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 6, RJ11, RJ14, RJ25, RJ45, RJ61, ISDN Low Voltage Cable Installation

Website Design (Atlanta):
* Custom Design: Flash, Java, HTML, PHP, AJAX, CSS
* E-commerce Websites (Security Certificates, Shopping Carts, Paypal, Credit Card Processing API/Gateways)
* Search Engine Optimization (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, etc rankings)
* Logo & Graphic Art Design
* Template websites for $25/month

Printer Sharing Windows 7 and Snow Leopard 10.6


Posted on 18th December 2009 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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Today we ran into a problem between Mac OS 10.6.2 Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Printer Sharing. Both machines had the correct drivers installed, and the printer was shared from the Win7 box with full permissions for everyone, yet we could not connect to it from the Mac. SMB file sharing was working fine, and other windows machines could easily connect to the printer. I couldnt find a single web site with the correct solution, and eventually we figured it out after an hour of head scratching.

Here’s the fix…

After installing the printer using a USB cable on both machines, hook the printer to the windows box and do the following…

1st – Share the printer on the windows box, and share it as “printer” or something easy to remember without special characters and spaces, etc. We named ours HP because it was an hp psc 4210. Now, give the windows box a static IP address, and setup user for printing (or you can use the admin user / password for a later step). Make sure the permissions are set correctly on the printer.

2nd – Setup a printer on the Mac (though it wont work yet). Go to System Preferences > Print & Fax > “+” (Plus) sign / add printer > Select IP > Select LPD (Line Printer Daemon) > type in the IP address of the windows box in the address field > change the name of the printer to the printer model or something simple (HP in our case) > Select “Print Using” > Select “Printer Software” > Select the printer model / driver for the printer you have.

3rd – Open Terminal from Utilities in the Applications menu within Finder. Type in the following:

sudo -i (enter your password)
ps -ef|grep cupsd (note the number in the second column)
kill X (where X is the number from above)
cp /etc/cups/printers.conf /etc/cups/printers.conf.backup (copies your current printer.conf to printer.conf.backup)
nano /etc/cups/printers.conf

Locate the line that says LPD://[IP Address of Windows Box] and change it to “smb://username:password@[ip address of windows box]/[Printer Share Name]

Ours looked like this

After making the change, use ctrl+o to write the changes to printer.conf, then ctrl+x to exit nano editor.

4th – Now restart cupsd again or reboot the computer
ps -ef|grep cupsd (note the number in the second column)
kill X (where X is the number from above)

You should be able to print now!

6/5/2010 – Change printer.conf to printers.conf as per Jeffrey’s comment. Thanks Jeffrey!

Vitur Virus Infects EXE files… all of ’em


Posted on 28th May 2009 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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Vitur is one nasty thing. It infects almost every exe file you have within weeks if you’re a heavy computer user. Then when you get around to detecting it you’ll quarantine or delete all of those exe files that are infected. Yay! Avast will detect this virus with the boot time scan, and asquared will get it if you use winpe or put the drive into another PC. The first time I saw this thing, the only site that had any details was in Russian and less than 2 weeks old. I’m not surprised it’s called Vitur… that’s a nice Russian name isn’t it? The dang thing spreads through your network too, so if you detect this in a biz environment, be prepared for some major cleanup, and as always, good luck!

windbg, kd, and reading minidumps


Posted on 4th March 2009 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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Use the following info to read minidumps:

kd -z C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\{file}.dmp
kd>.logopen c:\debuglog.txt
kd>.sympath srv*c:\symbols*
kd>.reload;!analyze -v;r;kv;lmnt;.logclose;q

look for c:\debuglog.txt

windbg is the windows debugger user interface.

Both found in the debugger packages found here:

Windows Virus & Spyware Removal using Linux


Posted on 26th February 2009 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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We recently had a computer that kept producing pop-ups while we were using our custom virus scanners in Safe Mode w/Command Prompt. Generally, most viruses are disabled when you’re in safe mode w/command prompt but this one was infecting userinit.exe which is called upon by winlogon.exe every time you log on to a machine. Before we scan machines we have to disable whatever virus is being loaded so that we can scan in a “clean” environment, else you’ll scan for months and never find the specific virus that is plaguing you.

This particular machine required us to take the hard drive out and hook it up to a linux box. On the linux box we mounted the drive, and ran avast linux edition on it. It found the pesky virus and removed it. What was the culprit’s name you may ask? Seneka rootkit / trojan is it’s name…

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Slow loading personal settings


Posted on 3rd February 2009 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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If your computer hangs at loading personal settings check the following:

1. Shortcuts to network drives / mappings that are not available.
Some times windows will try to connect to the network drive when you start up, and/or when you are browsing to a file using an open/run dialog box. If the share / network path isn’t available windows may wait for it to time out before it allows you to browse the network or log on.

2. Old printers that are no longer connected or used.
This may be a hunch but I’ve seen computers slow down drastically while looking for 30 printers that were never un-installed or installed with errors.

3. Malware, Viruses, Etc.
The last computer I ran into that was “slow starting up” was a combo of things. It had all of the above, plus vongo a malware that disguises itself as smiley faces for your emails, etc… Removing the shortcuts to network drives made it load personal settings much faster, but then windows took a long time to load startup programs. I had to use ezpcfix to find the registry entries for shortcuts to vongo.lnk (links) and remove them. After that, loading personal settings and startup programs was as fast as expected to be.

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Keep asking me to install KB954430


Posted on 21st January 2009 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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If windows update keeps asking you to install microsoft XML Core services 4.0 service pack 2
(KB954430) even though you have already installed it many times, follow these steps to fix it.

i’ve tried the solution from microsoft support:

1. Download the manual install here.

2. Run the manual install file and select remove/uninstall.

3. Run the manual install file and install the patch from scratch.

4. If that doesnt work, you can rename the msxml4.dll file in your system32 directory and then try again.

5. Also dial-a-fix offers the abillity to fix windows update issues.

Windows Activation Every Time I Restart


Posted on 19th January 2009 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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This article explains how to recover from a corrupted registration:

CDROM doesnt show up in my computer


Posted on 17th January 2009 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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This one is really common… If you use USB storage devices regularly, you might find your cd-rom missing. I’ve seen it being suggested that this is caused by one of the USB devices taking/using your cd-rom’s drive letter. Regardless of the cause, your symptoms will be that you open “my computer” and you dont see a cd drive. A quick registry fix & reboot will usually restore the drive.

You can download the file, cdgone.reg, from here. The contents of cdgone.reg are below.