vTiger CRM 5.3.0 / PHP 5.3 and workflow module problem


Posted on 3rd August 2012 by Mike in Atlanta Linux Repairs

We were receiving an error message “failure: undefined” when trying to create workflows in vTiger 5.3.0 with PHP 5.3+. We found a blog mentioning changing your php configs request_order = “GPC”. This did not fix our problem however.

Our fix was by changing line 63 in webservice.php found in the root crm directory.

to this:
$sessionId = vtws_getParameter($_REQUEST,"PHPSESSID");

I found we were using PHPSESSID by looking at the cookie on the page. It had this at the end PHPSESSID=kg1d0j5aqvakda5t60acvhkh30. At some point before we had this same problem and found the fix was to change this to EASESSID from whatever it was. The trick here is changing the code above to match whatever you’ve specified as your session.id in your php.ini (/etc/php.ini in my case).

session.name = PHPSESSID

Once you match the webservice.php to that of your session.name, the problem should go away. Please note, we kept the request_order = “GPC” in our php.ini as well.

Low latency audio playback with m-audio delta 1010lt battery, jacked, linux, and wine w/wineasio


Posted on 18th March 2012 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

In light of a recent project I’d like to share my experiences with low latency audio playback using linux as the host os, wine to emulate windows, battery as the audio playback application, jacked to assist in the routing of sound from battery to alsa, and wineasio to make it all happen even faster.  We’ve put it through the test using Zendrum midi instrument technology and lots of coffee!

At 44100hz our pipe to your audio visual cortex happens at 11.6ms as reported by battery and jacked. However, when compared to the same drill with a windows box of the same specs we can’t tell a difference in latency. Note that the windows box reports a latency closer to 5.8 within battery.

Try as we might, we never got the latency down to levels that are OK for use with the Zendrum. The Zendrum allows the user to play music too fast for the linux / wine / alsa combo. Wineasio helped a lot, but its still too latent for the Zendrum’s awesome ability. Until we can find a program as capable as battery that runs in Linux, we’re stuck recommending windows for this project.

“configure: error: libpng.(a|so) not found.”


Posted on 22nd August 2011 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair |Atlanta Linux Repairs

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I was getting “configure: error: libpng.(a|so) not found.” after solving a “configure: error: libjpeg.(a|so) not found.” error. I used sudo updatedb to update the locate db, then sudo locate libpng.so to find that it was in a sub dir of /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ so I copied libpng.a and libpng.so to /usr/lib and it fixed the problem.

MS Explorer Mouse Model 1362 Red light flashing quickly


Posted on 14th July 2011 by Mike in Acworth Computer Repair |Alpharetta Computer Repair |Atlanta Computer Repair |Atlanta Linux Repairs |Atlanta Macintosh Repairs |Decatur Computer Repair |Marietta Computer Repair |Sandy Springs Computer Repair |Stone Mountain Computer Repair

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We had a MS Explorer Mouse Model 1362 with a Red light flashing quickly. The mouse had been disconnected from its charging station for over two weeks. The fix was to connect it to its charging station while depressing the button in the bottom of the mouse (the button that detects when the usb transmitter is attached or not).

Ran into this again and the fix above didnt stop the red light from blinking. The solution this time was to replace the rechargeable battery inside the mouse with another NiMH Rechargeable battery. We used an off brand 2800mah instead of the stock 2100mah, and we have no issues charging, etc.

To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server. Please enter your FTP credentials to proceed. If you do not remember your credentials, you should contact your web host.


Posted on 24th March 2011 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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I’ve seen this error a few times and believe I know the easiest fix when you run into this on unix hosting.

Everytime I’ve seen: “To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server. Please enter your FTP credentials to proceed. If you do not remember your credentials, you should contact your web host.”

… it was a permissions issue.

If you’re on a ‘nix box make sure you chown the files to be that of apache or whatever your httpd user is.

cd /var/www/html/wordpress_website.com/
chown -R apache:apache *

This way when wordpress commands apache to download and install files, your OS will allow it to do so without the use of FTP.

And dont even bother configuring FTP for this purpose, its a pain.

How to grow your HFS+ partition


Posted on 21st December 2010 by Mike in Atlanta Macintosh Repairs

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Are you upgrading from a smaller hard drive to a larger hard drive and can’t find a way to “Grow” or “Enlarge” your HFS+ partition?  I sure was, and I was getting paid to make it work 😉

I found plenty of blogs & forums discussing how to reduce the size of the HFS+ partition but nothing on increasing the size of HFS+ partitions.

So the engineer in me took over… and many hours later I have found the solution.

1st, I Download the latest fedora core live cd, burn it, put it in your Mac and boot to it on your Mac by holding down the option key while turning on the mac and selecting the “windows” cd to boot from.

2nd, Once FC13 LiveCD booted I started the disk utillity found here: applications > system tools > disk utillity.

3rd, I used the disk utillity to format the new drive as a GUID system.

4th, I created two ext3 partitions, making the first partion the same size as the first partition on the old hard drive.

5th, I opened terminal and ran the following command:  su ; dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=/dev/sda1 conv=noerror,sync ; dd if=/dev/sdb2 of=/dev/sda2 conv=noerror,sync
– Note on my Mac the old hard drive was in an external USB caddy and the new hard drive was installed inside the Mac.  So my mac considered /dev/sda to be the new and larger drive, and /dev/sdb to be the old drive.  You can find out which is which in the disk utillity we used before.  By clicking on a partition, you will see the value for “device:” change to reveal which device it is.    Make sure you don’t just copy and paste what I used without knowing what /dev/sda & /dev/sdb are.

6th, that was it, when the command above completed, all was well.

cant use tab in firefox


Posted on 15th August 2010 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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All of a sudden my tab key quit working in firefox as well as copy and paste using ctrl+c, v, etc.

It took me a long time to realize it was only an issue in Firefox too… I was about to buy a new keyboard!

Luckily I remembered updating some plugins for firefox recently, so I disabled a few plugins and it fixed the problem. Now i can tab! yay!

To manage your addons go to tools > manage add ons > select an add on and click disable > then click restart firefox > press tab a whole bunch to test… repeat as many times as needed to get tab working again.

Customer Referral Month


Posted on 6th July 2010 by Mike in Acworth Computer Repair |Alpharetta Computer Repair |Atlanta Computer Repair |Decatur Computer Repair |Marietta Computer Repair |Sandy Springs Computer Repair |Stone Mountain Computer Repair

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July has officially been declared BentleyPC’s Customer Referral Month

Annually, July is the best month for the computer repair industry. This July, we’re going for a grand slam! We’d like to ask all our existing customers to take advantage of a $25 discount for referring new customers to us. The discount can be given to the new customer (in case you’d like to refer a friend or family member, etc.), or it can be credited to your individual account for future use. Either way, it’s makes a decent subject to speak about when you’re talking to your friends and family. Besides, whoever you tell about BentleyPC will be glad you did. That’s our promise!

BONUS: If our totally awesome customers send more than 100 referrals this month, BentleyPC will double the offer and give every referring customer $50 credits instead!

Don’t forget to mention us… 🙂

Thank you in advance!

There was a popup about a virus and I tried to remove it but the computer is just completely locked up


Posted on 4th June 2010 by Mike in Acworth Computer Repair |Alpharetta Computer Repair |Atlanta Computer Repair |Decatur Computer Repair |Marietta Computer Repair |Sandy Springs Computer Repair |Stone Mountain Computer Repair

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This is becoming any everyday occurrence and as a service to our customers
and friends we would like to offer the following advice on keeping these
new “Fake Anti virus” Programs from taking over your computer.

First off the only Anti virus software that BentleyPC suggests to our
customers is the Anti virus that we personally use. Avast Anti virus comes
in several types including a free version that does the job and and top of
the line “Internet Security” version. Beyond that there are several
Malware removal tools including Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D that also do
the job of removing currently infected machines.

But to hit on the new problem of all the “fake anti virus” programs. I
would suggest not clicking on any popup about a virus. Instead simply
close the popup with the “X” in the top right hand corner of the popup’s
window. Then go to your anti virus software by clicking on its icon and
run a scan there.

Even if the popup looks like it is from you anti virus software, it could
be a fake alert. These new scams work by telling you that you have a
virus and then require you to download a file to “remove” the virus when
in fact it is placing a virus on your computer. In some cases the computer
then becomes completely useless, unless you provide your credit card
information to download yet another tool to remove the infection.

If you have fallen victim and are struggling to get your computer back up
and running, call us. We are not geeks or wizards, we are computer experts
and know exactly how to get your computer back up and running.

Antivirus 2010


Posted on 23rd March 2010 by Mike in Atlanta Computer Repair

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If you’ve recently started getting windows popping up on your computer telling you that you are infected with a virus, chances are you’re seeing what’s known as ransom ware. The most common one of these we see is called Antivirus 2010. Next year, they’ll be calling it Antivirus 2011, and last year it was Antivirus 2009. Removal of this virus / ransomware can be very tricky. Often times if you don’t already have the tools needed to fix it, you won’t be able to download them. That’s where BentleyPC fits into the picture. We’ve got all the tools needed to remove this pesky program on hand at all times. In most cases, we can remove any virus you have within a couple of hours. Some times it takes longer depending on the infection, and type of virus(es) you have. Either way, we fix 99% of all the infected computers we see WITHOUT erasing all your files and data. Sure we can wipe your computer clean and reinstall windows, but that can cost you more in the long run.

So, if you’ve got ransom ware, viruses, worms, trojans, etc. You’re best bet is to call BentleyPC and schedule an appointment today. Never use your computer once it has become infected. You could be giving criminals access to everything you do including passwords to your bank account, etc. Waiting to have a virus fixed can cost you your identity. We never try to encourage the use of credit cards, but if you’re infected and that is your only option, we can accept payments by credit card just as easily as we can take cash or check. Even if we have to bill you later; just let us know what we’ve got to do to help you.